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The author, Steven D. Goldberg, Esquire, is a Delaware attorney who has been practicing in the fields of business and real estate transactions for more than thirty seven years. Mr. Goldberg is in private practice with a large mid-Atlantic law firm and practices in Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Goldberg has been the President of Delaware Corporate Agents, Inc. since its incorporation in 1974. He has extensive experience in the area of Delaware limited liability companies, corporations and limited partnerships. He has lectured, at the request of the Delaware Secretary of State, on the subject of Delaware limited liability companies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ireland, England and Chile. The Author frequently conducts lectures on Delaware limited liability companies for attorneys. He is also a member of the Delaware Bar Association’s Committee on Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships (Alternative Entities). The Committee makes recommendations each year to the Delaware General Assembly to enhance and modernize the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act ("Delaware Act").

The author is a member of the Delaware bar, the bars of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, the United States Third Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Tax Court.

The Author intends these books as a guide to assist the reader and the reader’s attorney in understanding the requirements and options available to a limited liability company under the Delaware Act and corporations under the Delaware General Corporation Law, as well as preparing the documents to form and operate a Delaware limited liability company, Delaware corporations and Delaware limited partnerships These books are not intended to give legal , business or tax advice. No book can ever substitute for the guidance which an experienced attorney can provide. The Author urges the reader to consult with his or her attorney as well as tax advisor before using any for the forms in these books.


Steven D. Goldberg, Esquire
Steven D